Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Kerry Jones
Saratoga Springs/UT

Kerry Jones, UFirst Independent Agent
Through an innovative program called the Money Merge Account system, homeowners across the nation are paying off their  mortgages in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the time. Become one of the thousands of United First Financial clients paying off a home mortgage quickly without increasing monthly mortgage payments, and with little to no lifestyle changes. Request a free Money Merge Account Analysis Report from me today.

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Introducing the Money Merge Account system, a powerful tool to help you fulfill your dream of home ownership and save money for your future. The average Money Merge Account customer will pay their mortgage off 100%, in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the time, with little to no change to their day-to-day spending habits and without increasing their monthly mortgage payments.

My “real job” is a real-estate agent. I am always looking for ways to better serve my clients. So when I learned about an Interest Cancellation program that helps people pay off their existing mortgages in as little as 8-11 years, literally saving them tens of thousands (& sometimes hundres of thousands) of dollars, I felt I had a moral obligation to share this money-saving strategy with everyone I know—and even those I don’t--and am trying to do just that! So, here’s my question: If I could show you how to pay off your mortgage in a fraction of the time, WITHOUT altering your current cash flow, and WITHOUT having to refinance your existing first mortgage, would you be interested? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t be? …and that is exactly my point! Who doesn’t want to pay off their mortgage—and the sooner the better! Think of the things you could do if you didn't have a mortgage payment! If you’d like to better your financial position in a way that will give you fast and impressive results, please fill out a Money Merge Account Analysis Request (it's free). When you find out more about this program, You’ll be impressed! Everybody is! …And if you have a tendency to be skeptical, don’t be. There’s nothing “magical” about this program; it’s simple mathematics, teaching people how to utilize existing banking tools to literally save thousands & thousands of dollars! CLICK ON "FREE MONEY MERGE ACCOUNT ANALYSIS" ON THIS SITE TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY--AND, IF SO, EXACTLY HOW YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM THIS PROGRAM!

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Join us for a free MMA 100 seminar in cities across the country to learn more about the Money Merge Account and see firsthand how it will work for you. Events are hosted by our expert financial agents who can help get you on your way to being mortgage-free. See when we're coming to your area.

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