Wednesday, December 17, 2008
David (CVC) Lorenson
Cedar Falls/IA

David (CVC) Lorenson, UFirst Independent Agent
Through an innovative program called the Money Merge Account system, homeowners across the nation are paying off their  mortgages in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the time. Become one of the thousands of United First Financial clients paying off a home mortgage quickly without increasing monthly mortgage payments, and with little to no lifestyle changes. Request a free Money Merge Account Analysis Report from me today.

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Introducing the Money Merge Account system, a powerful tool to help you fulfill your dream of home ownership and save money for your future. The average Money Merge Account customer will pay their mortgage off 100%, in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 the time, with little to no change to their day-to-day spending habits and without increasing their monthly mortgage payments.

What would life be like without a mortgage??

Buy a second property?
Plan for school fees or university?
Buy a new home?
Retire earlier?

Call today 888-871-4MMA

That's 877-821-4662 toll free
What have you got to lost except a little time and tons of mortgage interest!

Ask yourself this - If your mortgage lender called you about a new program that would take 19-20 years off your 30 year mortgage and potentially save you tens even hundreds of thousands of dollars, without changing your monthly mortgage payment and without refinancing, plus they would roll the cost into the plan.

Would you be interested? Of course, you would! That is exactly what Money Merge Account will do for you!

Money Merge Account Is Not Magic –
It’s Just Math That Makes Sense.

For a more comprehensive look at the Money Merge Account program, please visit my other website!

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